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Just because you had a C-section birth in the past doesn’t mean you can’t have a natural, vaginal birth in the future. At OB/GYN Specialists, the experienced team can help you understand if you’re a candidate for a VBAC, or vaginal birth after Caesarean, and how to prepare for delivery. Call the office located in Denton, Texas, or book an appointment online to learn more about VBACs.


Why should I consider a VBAC?

Between 60-80% of women who attempt vaginal birth after a C-section have a successful vaginal birth. You might consider a VBAC as an option because natural birth usually comes with a shorter recovery time compared to a C-section. Other reasons include:

  • The desire to experience a natural, vaginal delivery
  • Avoiding another major abdominal surgery and scarring associated with a C-section
  • Reduced risk of complications

The doctors at OB/GYN Specialists can help you determine if you’re a candidate for a VBAC if it’s a strategy you’d like to pursue for your next birth.

Who is a candidate for a VBAC?

Before you plan on a VBAC, you should make sure you’re a good candidate. Women who are good candidates include those who are:

  • Pregnant with just one baby and have had just one or two prior low transverse C-sections
  • Pregnant with one baby and have had just one prior C-section, of any type (but not high vertical)
  • Pregnant with twins, one prior low transverse C-section

In any of these cases, the doctors at OB/GYN Specialists will also evaluate that you don’t have other problems that might prevent a VBAC.

What issues make me ineligible for a VBAC?

Women who cannot have a VBAC include those who:

  • Had a prior high vertical uterine incision
  • Had a prior uterine rupture
  • Had certain types of uterine surgery, including fibroid removal

The doctors at OB/GYN Specialists may also discourage a VBAC if you’ve had more than two previous C-sections. Also, if you’re pregnant with triplets or a greater number of multiples, a VBAC is not recommended.

Is a VBAC safe?

A VBAC is associated with fewer complications than elective C-sections. But, if you attempt a VBAC and natural labor and delivery result in a C-section, you may experience more complications. Discuss the possibilities with the doctors at OB/GYN Specialists so you fully understand your choices, the risks, and the other options for your birth plan.

To learn more about whether you’re a candidate for a VBAC, call OB/GYN Specialists to arrange an appointment, or book one using the online tool.